PVC Plaster

Our PVC Plaster is made of PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon Z – Series, coating of premium glue is done at Japan.

This product is accredited with German Safety Standard via Certificate No. 8113252906-PBI-Z1. It is a very user-friendly DIY tool, just patch it on the surface of torn area on top and bottom, that’s it, you have got it fixed!

It is possible to apply our PVC Plaster under water, ie if your canvas tank is torn, you do not have to release the water, just apply the PVC Plaster at torn area under water.

Generally, the PVC Plaster is suitable to be applied onto the surface of various material including canvas, tent, fibre, glass, zinc, roof top, tiles, marble, granite, wood, flooring, tank, plastic, metal and many more. Ideal application temperature for PVC Plaster is from 0 -35ºC.

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