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We offer a wide range of PVC tarpaulins that are perfect for use as truck curtains. Our PVC tarpaulins are made from high-quality materials that are light and durable, making them ideal for use on trucks. Our PVC tarpaulins are available in various colors and styles so that you can choose the perfect tarpaulin for your truck.

Truck Curtain/ Lorry Canvas

Our PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon is most suitable to be made into truck curtain or more popularly known as Lorry Canvas locally.

The Z series is light and durable, it is the perfect choice for big-size truck. While the S series has fullness of handle, those who love hand feel will certainly love it. Furthermore, it has silky-smooth surface which resists oil and dirt.Not to forget about M series, many has chosen it as truck curtain because it is cost-friendly without compromising its quality.

Printable Canvas

The biggest problem that local canvas shop is facing when customer sought for advertising truck curtain. You may have encountered merchant printed their advertisement on a piece of white PVC banner and then they sewed the said printed banner onto another piece of PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon or more commonly known as lorry canvas for advertising purpose.

They have to do it that way simply because those PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon in the market though durable but not printable while those printable PVC banner is not durable.

All of our PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon are printable, which means and that will certainly create better advertising effect. Compare the following photos and you can tell the difference.

Other’s Lorry Canvas on Unprintable PVC Tarpaulin

Problems facing by other non printable canvas

  • Life span of the printable white advertising banner will not last for more than 1 year. Not only would the colour of the banner be faded, the printed white advertising banner itself will be torn simply because the very material of the said banner is meant for temporary advertising purpose only, it never not meant as truck curtain.
  • As a consequence, customers have to keep changing lorry canvas, it is not only costly but troublesome and time consuming.

Printable Curtain Side For Truck/Lorry

Comparatively, all of our PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon are printable where you do not have to print it onto a white banner first but printing on our PVC Tarpaulin itself is possible, no matter what colour you have chosen, its printing effect is great as follows:-

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