PVC Flooring – Vinyl

City folks may not familiar with PVC Vinyl Flooring as most of the grounds are layered with tiles or mosaic but almost every family of villages need them, a few rolls annually. To have their flooring layered with tiles may be onerous to many rural families financially. Hence, many have opted for PVC Vinyl Flooring to solve the problem. We provide a great variety of selection of PVC Vinyl Flooring in terms of sizes, thickness and designs.

Table Cloth

Whenever a stall is set up in the bazaar or along the roadside, you will first see a roof over it, normally it is either a canopy or umbrella, then below the roof, there is a table cover with table cloth. This is exactly the table cloth that we are supplying. It is made of PVC. Such material is waterproof, economical and easy to clean as it is dirt and oil resistant, especially suitable for outdoor usage.

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