Industrial fabrics, Outdoor Tools & Equipment Mediace is a leading manufacturer, wholesaler, supplier and trader for industrial fabrics, Outdoor Tools & Equipment as well as related parts and accessories in Malaysia market.

Our products are used in construction, industry, logistic, agriculture, aquaculture and horticulture and other areas such as :-


  • ground liner
  • anti-fire sidewall
  • anti-landslide cover
  • slope protection canvas
  • engine protection cover
  • construction temporary structure sidewall
  • shade for building material stacked outdoor
  • temporary coverage for building under construction
  • disposable renovation protection cover


  • Fixed structure and Portable Canopy for outdoor activities
  • Awning
  • canopy sidewall
  • bazaar drinks dispenser
  • air-tight container
  • catering and party food container
  • folding table
  • compact table
  • banquet table
  • household and restaurant table cloth
  • carpet with rubber coated bottom


  • machine cover
  • engine casing
  • industrial and factory carpet
  • clean-room carpet
  • transparent pvc curtain for cold room freezer


  • truck sidewall
  • lorry side curtain
  • boat awning


  • crops protection shield
  • farming ground liner


  • fish tank canvas
  • fish pond ground liner
  • pool shade


  • green house canvas


  • canopy, tent and umbrella with logo and slogan printing

We supply ready-made goods and welcome custom-made orders.

We take care of customers’ needs from all aspects.

Industrial Fabrics, Outdoor Tools & Equipment

Why Choose Us?

As we are manufacturer, we are able to supply all parts and accessories of our products. This is what most traders cannot do as many of them are not willing to break down a complete set of goods just to sell spare parts. As such, consumers’ interest is much guaranteed when they buy our products. When certain parts are broken due to wear and tear, consumers can easily buy any of the parts for replacement, so it is certainly cost-friendly.

Take for instance, when canvas of a set of a canopy is torn or a rib of a tent frame is broken, these parts are easily available at small cost. Most of the users would opt to buy parts for replacement than buying an entire new set. Another example is when a cover of drinks dispenser is cracked or the base is chipped, customer can just buy that particular part from us instead of buying a complete new set.

Another example will be when an umbrella stand is bent but its pole and canvas are still intact, customers would just need to get a replacement umbrella stand from us at a fraction of a cost of a whole new umbrella. Similarly, as far as our customer for drinks dispenser is concerned, customers can get the cover and base separately.

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