Production & Workers

Being a manufacturing company, we have advantage over and above our rivals who focus purely on trading.

We appreciate the fact that modern production style does not rely on heavy manpower. As such, we invested much in moulds and machineries to save long labour hours. Modern machineries will also enhance the quality of production. Take for instance, we seal our canvas using high frequency machine and hot air blow machines instead of traditional sewing machine to produce a cleaner and stronger joint and at the same time enhance the product appearance.

Dedicated staffs and skilled workers are asset of company

The management staffs are well trained and many of them are with us for many years. We have skilled workers focusing mainly in production particularly in the area of welding and canvas-making. Production area and office are equipped with closed circuit TV so that the supervising of the production operation can be done at all time.

Apart from that, the Company value customers’ feedback. We collect feedback of our products not merely from our retailer customers but also the end user. We send our representative to visit shops, bazaars, exhibitions and trade fairs to do market research and seek end users’ feedbacks. This is a continuing effort so as to ensure we keep up with the market’s response.