Air Tight Container For Food, Fruit & Nuts

Mediace’s air tight container is aroma safe and odor proof, thus make it ideal for food storage. Our air tight container is introduced in gigantic size and it is a perfect way to get your kitchen organized.

Like our drinks dispenser, the body of our air tight container and food container is also seamless and is accredited with safety approval from Standard & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM). Its seamless body is not only safe for food storage, it is easy to clean and stain resistant.

Food Container & Display Box

Mediace’s food container is slightly smaller than the air tight container. The lid for food container is very solid that it provides excellent sealing. Like our drinks dispenser and air tight container, food container is also accredited with safety approval from SIRIM and it has attractive seamless body.

Due to its crystal clear outlook, food container is many caterers’ favourite. Just present your food in a transparent container and save your guests from having to open and close the lid to find out what’s the food inside. Ready-made in a gigantic size, Mediace’s food container is the perfect food display solution for your party.

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