Commercial Umbrella appeared to be our anchor product when the company was first established. Our umbrella carries the brand name of Jung Hann and are enjoying good reputation in the market.

Just like canopy, umbrella is a good tool for advertisement. Its fabric panel can be printed with customer’s logo and that creates excellent advertising effect. Take for instance, we supply special order of 10 feet  hexagon umbrella to Polis Diraja Malaysia, printed with their desired design and logo.


We offer different grades of umbrella, ranging from the most economical rainbow umbrella to high end premium umbrella. From Umbrella post, canvas, rib, anchor to umbrella stand, customers can purchase spare parts from us separately. Among the popular canvas for customer to choose are PVC tarpaulin, ripstop as well as PVC tarpaulin vinylon.


10-panels round umbrella


8 feet square umbrella