A tarpaulin / tarp, is a large sheet of strong, flexible, waterproof material, such as canvas or polyester coated with polyurethane or made of plastics such as polyethylene.

There are many different grades and type of tarpaulins in the market, each has its distinctive specifications and applications. We supply the 3 main categories which are widely sorted in Malaysia market for consumer, industrial, construction, industrial and commercial applications:-

  • Vinalyon Tarpaulin (super heavy duty)
  • PVC Coated Tarpaulin (heavy duty)
  • PE Tarpaulin (lightweight)

Tarpaulins have multiple uses, including as shelter from the elements, i.e., wind, rain, sunlight and as ground sheet. Tarpaulins are often used during the build process to protect brickwork from weather damage and also used as drop sheet for painting. These days, it is popularly used on outdoor market stalls to provide some coverage and protection from rain and sunlight.

The choice of each tarpaulin would be dependent on its nature of use, length of durability and price. Our tarpaulin is competitively priced without compromise on their quality and durability. Our products come in different forms:-

  • Roll form with different diametres;
  • Ready-made sheet with reinforced grommets at the corners and at its perimeter to form attachment points for ropes, allowing them to be tied down or suspended; and
  • Customisation in terms of design & sizes.

Vinylon Tarpaulin

Vinylon, also known as Vinalon, is a synthetic fibre produced from polyvinyl alcohol, using anthracite and limestone as raw materials. It was first developed and produced in Japan. Since its invention, the fibre has grown in importance and has since been produced in various countries.

Polyvinyl chloride (“vinyl”) tarpaulins are industrial-grade and intended for heavy-duty use. Vinylon tarpaulin is waterproof and has high abrasion resistance and tear strength. These resist oil, acid, grease and mildew. The vinyl tarp is ideal for agriculture, construction, industrial and trucks and is the material of choice for many covers especially industrial cover, lorry/ truck cover, shield for outdoor booths, awnings and other heavy duty applications.

Vinylon tarpaulin does not support combustion, and the fibre softens only at 200 degree Celsius and melts at 220 degree Celsius. It has extremely good chemical resistance and is unaffected by alkalies and common solvents. Burial for six months in slope or steeping sea-water is said not to have affected it. This type of tarpaulin has the ability to provide strong resistance to fungi, mildew and insects.

In additon, vinylon tarpaulin has a silk-like appearance and luster. This type of material has excellent sunlight resistance and fair heat resistance. Due to its similarities to cotton in terms of end-use properties, vinylon is often seen as having a good balance of characteristics between cotton and thermoplastics which is also one of the key factors for its popularity.

We sell vinylon tarpaulin on roll form and we provide services to custom make lorry cover, sometimes more commonly called lorry canvas for our customers.

PVC Coated Tarpaulin

PVC is the abbreviation derived from polyvinyl chloride, or more commonly known as PVC Tarpaulin. It is a derivative of natural salt, water and petroleum.

PVC fiber is chemically inert and possesses chemical properties similar to polyolefin fibre. PVC tarpaulin has fantastic heat resistant characteristic, when place under direct sunlight with UV attack, it reacts slowly compared to other materials. High melting points also make PVC tarpaulin suitable to be used under sunlight for with melting points ranging from 135 degree Celsius to 180 degree Celsius, it has wide variety of multipurpose usage.

PVC tarpaulins are generally unaffected by moist. It is not only chemically stable, resistant to moths and biological attack; they are poor conductors of heat and electricity. With such properties, PVC tarpaulins found their extensive usage in industrial applications such as bonding agents for non-woven products, filter pads, fishing lines and nets, fishing pond carpets and protective clothing.

Another highly popular usage of PVC tarpaulin is as water proof canvas in the fabrication of commercial umbrella canvas, canopy canvas, multipurpose covers, canvas bag, canvas sheets and awnings as it has a variety of favourable properties which supports these applications. PVC fibres are soft and have good elasticity; it has the ability to resume to its original shape and position from bending and folding.

Ripstop Design & Classic Design

Most of the PVC coated tarpaulins are found in classic design. Apart of supplying classic design PVC tarpaulin, we present our PVC tarpaulin in Ripstop design. Such design though is not novel in the market for fabrics, it is scarce in Malaysia market especially for fabric like PVC tarpaulin.

Ripstop woven design involves using a special reinforcing technique that makes them resistant to tearing and ripping. During weaving, (thick) reinforcement threads are interwoven at regular intervals in a crosshatch pattern. Older lightweight Ripstop design display the thicker interlocking thread patterns in the material quite prominently, but we have adopted more modern weaving techniques in our PVC tarpaulin which make the Ripstop threads less obvious. A similar effect can be achieved by weaving two or three fine yarns together at smaller intervals.

Great advantages can be achieved by adopting Ripstop woven design, such design can reduce the wear on the fabrics which are in direct contact with the ground or the wind, and is made in strength-to-weight ratio and that small tears will not easily spread which enchance the durability of our products.

PE Tarpaulin

PE tarpaulin is a type of lightweight waterproof canvas and is commonly used on work sites in the form of canvas sheet as temporary tents, cover for building materials and equipment. One of an important reason which makes it popular is its price. It is apparently one of the most cost effective materials for temporary coverage. Further, due to its lightweight, it is very user friendly and portable. It can be transported and being used to set up coverage with least effort.

We supply 2 types of PE Tarpaulin, ie :-

  • PE Tarpaulin (regular)
  • PE Tarpaulin (lightweight)

While customers with intention to purchase coverage material for long term use may opt for PVC Tarpaulin or Vinylon Tarpaulin, those who seek temporary coverage can definitely opt for PE Tarpaulin at lower cost. A ready-made 6 x 6 feet PE Tarpaulin (lightweight) cover sheet with reinforcement of grommets/ eyelets at all the four corners and its perimeter together with inbuilt rope strength which allow it to be attached to the main structure easily only costs less than USD 1 and it is even cheaper if it is bought in roll form.