Folding Table & Compact Table

Mediace’s folding table is comprised of folding underframes (more commonly known as “table legs”) that are foldable against a drop-on table top, it is designed to make storage more convenient and to make the table more portable. Our folding table can be folded when bending the table legs on a hinge located at the connection point between the table top and the table legs. Our folding table is designed with strong folding mechanism as it comes with legs that fold and fit securely against the underside of the table top, while remaining attached. Folding table best used for places like halls, rooms or buildings intended for various functions as it can be easily removed and stored out of the way when open space is needed.


Folding Table


Compact Table

Banquet Table

Our customers can choose between round table top or rectangular table top. We affix double blade spring loaded folding mechanism onto our banquet table. Such mechanism will enhance the firmness when opening or folding table. Being skillfully welded, our banquet tables come in standard black paint finishing or epoxy finishing.

The surface of table top is usually in natural white. Other choices of colour such as sandy beige, metal grey or pine brown will always be available upon request. Table edgings are fitted with protective vinyl for extra protection. All of our banquet tables are fitted with adjustable leg glides. These glides enhance steadiness of our table on carpeted floor or uneven surface.

banquet table