containerWe are the leading manufacturer and supplier of drinks dispenser in Malaysia. We work closely with our customers and are committed to delivering the right drinks dispenser to meet our customer’s needs. Such deep-rooted understanding of customers’ expectations is the basis of design and production of Mediace’s drinks dispenser, meaning that our customers benefit from experience, expertise and commitment to ongoing innovation that cannot be matched by any of our competitors.

Understanding customer’s requirement for safe food and beverage storage system, we have carefully chosen high quality acrylic to be the raw material to manufacture our drinks dispenser. Health awareness is getting much attention compares to the older days, we strive to ensure our products is completely safe to be used in food and beverage industry. As such, Mediace manufactures the body of drinks dispenser by plastic injection, which means, the body of our drinks dispenser is being injected out from the machine as a whole thus renders it seamless unlike many similar products in the market which are being adjoined by using glue.

Based on the above, Mediace’s drinks dispenser is accredited with safety approval from Standard & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).