Arabian design and pyramid design are popular choices for canopy in Malaysia. Our canopy top is made of polyester with PVC coating and is as strong as modern science and modern technology can make it. We use polyester to make our canopy top as it is about twice as strong as cotton, and being an oil based product with PVC coating, it is all but impervious to mildew or rot of any kind. Polyester when coated with PVC and used in making canopy top, does not react very much to extremes of temperature or humidity, as such our canopy top will not soak when rains come, and then sag into “water bags” and come down. By the same token, it will not stretch too tightly in the sun, therefore our canopy will always have stable size, shape and strength, it is the perfect choice for usage in country with hot and rainy season like Malaysia.

Mediace’s canopy always look much attractive and create a better shade because we make higher peak for both of our Arabian design canopy and pyramid design canopy. Certainly, the higher the peak of the canopy is, the higher its cost will be as much workmanship and canvas would be required, nevertheless, we still maintain our price to be as competitive as our rivals’.

Standard size of Arabian design canopy and pyramid design canopy in Malaysia is always 20 feet by 20 feet, however, being manufacturer, we can custom make desired size of canopy for our customers

pyramid canopy

Pyramid Canopy

Arabian canopy 1

Arabian Canopy

canopy arabian transparent peak

Arabian Canopy with Transparent Peak

Arabian canopy 2

Arabian Canopy

Foldable Canopy

Unlike standard canopy, foldable canopy, likes it’s name suggests, is foldable and easy to carry. Due to its foldable nature, its size is smaller than a standard canopy. Common sizes of foldable canopy in Malaysia are 6 feet by 6 feet, 8 feet by 8 feet, 10 feet by 10 feet, 8 feet x 12 feet,10 feet by 15 feet and 10 feet x 20 feet. Apart from polyester canopy top, we offer PVC canopy top for our foldable canopy. We also supply parts and accessories of foldable canopy, be it ribs, bracket, canopy top, canopy cover or canopy frame, our customers can rest assure all parts and accessories of foldable canopy will be always be available.

foldable canopy