Canopy is very popular choice in Malaysia when it comes to outdoor activities like bazaars, weekly markets, events, exhibitions, carnivals and so on. We make canopies in various designs and grades.

Canopy generally are divided into 2 main categories:-

  • Fixed Structure Canopy : Arabian & Pyramid design (standard size 20 feet x 20 feet)
  • Portable Canopy    : Foldable in nature (standard size 10 feet x 10 feet)

Most of our canopy are made with good grade thick iron and with PVC Tarpaulin canvas as canopy top. PVC is impervious to mildews or rots of any kind, it does not react much to extremes of temperature or humidity. As such, our canopy top will not soak when rain comes, and then sag into “water bags”. By the same token, it will not stretch too tightly in the sun, therefore our canopy will always have stable size, shape and strength. It is the perfect choice for usage in country with hot and rainy season like Malaysia.

Frame of canopy is made of steel while the roof of the canopy is made of different types of canvas. For fixed-structure canopy in Arabian and pyramid design, we normally use PVC Tarpaulin with Ripstop design. This is because Ripstop PVC tarpaulin is more durable and  much cheaper compared to other vinylon range such as the S series and the Z series. On the other hand, portable canopy roof canvas can be found in Oxford fabric and Silver coated PVC Tarpaulin. We also offer high grade of portable canopy made of the S series and Z series of Vinylon.

Arabian & Pyramid design Canopy

Standard Size for fixed structure canopy, normally in the design of either Arabian or Pyramid is 20 feet x 20 feet. It is huge and the weight of a complete set is approximately 159kg. Therefore,we provide installation service to customer.  As we are the manufacturer of canopies, we can custom make specific sizes to accommodate customer’s request with minimum quantity required. We have a team of dedicated and skilled worker to do the welding work while the sealing of the canvas is done via high frequency machine and hot air machine unlike the traditional sewing. These canopies carry the house brand of Sun and are receiving encouraging responses in the market.


Inner View of Canopy


Frame Joints


Arabian Canopy

Images of Pyramid Canopy


Steel Frame


Fix the canvas onto frame


Pyramid Canopy

Portable Canopy


Portable canopy is foldable in nature. It is user friendly as the setting-up work only require a man or two. It comes with a steel frame in epoxy finishing, a piece of ready-made canopy canvas and a cover case. We deliver it in a paper box with the size of 150cmx28cmx22cm and thus it can be easily transported using a small car. Apart from the standard size of 10 feet x 10 feet, other sizes which are popular in the market are like 8 feet x 8 feet, 10 feet x 15 feet and 12 feet x 8 feet. We offer a great variety of grades with different weight ranging from 12kg to 45kg.

Canopy with printable with Logo

Apart from being shelter for outdoor activities, canopies are vastly used to achieve promotional purpose as well. Many companies like to advertise their new product with printing on canopy top because the advertisement effect is great, it is clearly visible from far. We gladly accept custom-made order to print customer’s desired design on canopy top. Due to the excellent quality of the canvas we are using, all of the canvases are printable with satisfactory effect.