Mediace is an ever-evolving company. Starting from an original equipment manufacturer, we slowly venture into manufacturing our own product using our own brand. Then we added more similar line of products into our basket as we go along. And now we diversify and explore into a wider product scope.

More importantly, we have established our own brands and have our intellectual property registered at MyIPO. Currently, we have a few brands in our pocket, namely Jung Hann, Sun, Express & Tanker. These brands are brand name not only for consumer and commercial outdoor product equipment and tool but also canvas for industrial, logistical, agricultural, horticultural and construction usage, particularly PVC Tarpaulin Vinylon, PVC Tarpaulin and PE Tarpaulin.


Our management believe that if a company is satisfied with its current achievement and stays within its comfort zone, its business will reach the bottle neck one day and loose its compassion to strive further. This is certainly not what we want. So, in order to lift ourselves up to where we can be, we have to evolve for the better.

We invest into machineries instead of using heavy workforce, enhance production method with new technology instead of the archaic mechanical way, improvise new innovation packaging and bring business online over and above the ordinary sale. These are merely efforts done along the way and we trust that there are still room for improvement simply because we hold tight to our conviction, an ever-evolving attitude for the betterment.

Our plant is currently based at Banting, Selangor, accessible via many highways including the Klang-Banting Highway, Shah Alam Expresway (KESAS), South-Klang Valley Expressway (SKVE), West-Coast Expressway (WCE), North South Expressway Central Link (ELITE), Maju Expressway (MEX) and Putrajaya Expressway (KLPE). Apart from road transport, the proximity with Port Klang as well as KLIA making our location strategic in term of logistical flow and connectivity.

Production & Workers

We are not only doing pure trading but manufacturing. This is our advantage compared to our rivals. Over the years, we have trained sufficient man power to do production. We invested much in mould and machineries to save long labour hours. We make moulds for different parts of a product to save labour cost in welding process. We use high frequency machine and hot air blow machines to seal canvas instead of the traditional sewing machine to cut labour hours. With that we manage to expediate the production time and at the same time making the appearance of our end product more attractive as less joints are noticeable.


Dedicated staffs and skilled workers are asset of company. The management staffs are well trained and many of them have been with us for many years. We have skilled workers focusing mainly in production particularly in the area of welding and canvas-making. We use machineries to ease the workload. Production area and office are equipped with closed circuit TV so that the supervising of the production operation can be done at all time.

Further, we collect feedback on our products not merely from our retailer customers but also the end user. Our company’s representatives are assigned to visit shops, bazaars, exhibitions, trade fairs and expos, doing market research and seek end users’ feedbacks. This is a continuing effort so that we can always keep up with the market response. It is better to get it from the horses’ mouth than attempting a task while disregarding opinion of the world.


Why do Customers like to buy from us ?

As we are manufacturer, we are able to supply all parts and accessories of our products. This is what most traders cannot do as many of them are not willing to break down a complete set of goods just to sell spare parts.  As such, consumers’ interest is much guaranteed when they buy our products. When certain parts are broken due to wear and tear, consumers can easily buy any of the parts for replacement, so it is certainly cost-friendly.

Take for instance, when canvas of a set of a canopy is torn or a rib of a tent frame is broken, these parts are easily available at small cost. Most of the users would opt to buy parts for replacement than buying an entire new set. Another example is when a cover of drinks dispenser is cracked or the base is chipped, customer can just buy that particular part from us instead of buying a complete new set.


Another example will be when an umbrella stand is bent but its pole and canvas are still intact, customers would just need to get a replacement umbrella stand from us at a fraction of a cost of a whole new umbrella. Similarly, as far as our customer for drinks dispenser is concerned, customers can get the cover and base separately.