about us canvasThe manufacturing plant of Mediace is based at Kawasan Perindustrian Olak Lempit, Banting, Selangor, Malaysia. We are about 10km away from KLIA and about 30km away from Klang West Port. Such strategic location is an added advantage for transportation of goods.

From partnership to incorporation, we have a team of pioneer with more than 20 years of industrial experiences and we are striving to achieve steady growth.

As an uprising manufacturer for outdoor products, Mediace is engaged in manufacturing canopy, umbrella, banquet table, folding table, compact table, drinks dispenser, air tight container and food container in Malaysia. We have a mould making department and welding department, we possess skilled mould makers as well as skilled welding workers. We also own plastic injection machines, high frequency machines, welding machines and stamping machines and therefore we are able to complete the production works from alpha to omega.

high frequency machineResearch and development has always been the company’s objective. Mediace invested much in research and development. We collect customers’ feedback and improvise our products over the years. We make moulds and use machines to produce many parts of our canopy and umbrella. When these parts are being made by machine as a whole, less welding works are required and less joints are noticeable, as such not only the manufacturing process can be expedite, the outlook of our canopy and umbrella can be refined as well. Doubtlessly, Mediace’s canopy and umbrella always look more attractive than those of our competitors’.

Customers always impress over the seamless bodies of our drinks dispenser and container and they prefer our products to other similar products in the market which are being adjoined by using glue. The bodies of our drinks dispenser and container are being injected as a whole and thus make them seamless and completely safe for food and beverage storage. This is the basis of Mediace’s drinks dispenser and container being accredited with safety approval from Standard & Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia (SIRIM).

We have a team of dedicated and stable staffs. Our experienced skilled workers are with us so many years and their works are under constant inspection by factory supervisor all the way through the production lines. As we make all our products from alpha to omega, we manage to bring down the cost of production to as low as it can be and that make our prices very competitive. Owning excellent products with competitive price, our biggest challenge now is marketing. Mediace participated in many exhibitions of international level to bring our products to the attention of the market.

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We are also participants of International Business Matching of trade exhibitions for many years. It’s the best forum for us to sell our canopy, umbrella, table, dispenser and container to the overseas market.

Jung Hann Sdn Bhd is Mediace’s marketing arm that supplies our products such as canopy, umbrella, table, dispenser and container to retailers in Malaysia. We have more than 400 retailers including hypermarket.

We welcome you to check out our products. Contact us and pay us a visit, view our canopy, try our umbrella, test our table, examine our dispenser, check our container, our products speak for themselves.

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